TESOL Kuwait has an elected Board 

Dr. Hussain Al Sharoufi, PhD


Dr. Hussain Al Sharoufi, Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics in the GUST English Department, participated and presented papers at twenty internationally refereed conferences in USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Italy, Serbia, India, Romania, and Kuwait. 

He is an active member of TESOL International and TESOL Kuwait. He presented several papers at TESOL International conventions. He reviewed several papers for several international journals, including: Journalism: Theory, Practice & Criticism (Published by SAGE, UK), Journal of Pragmatics (Elsevier-UK) and the International Journal of Applied Educational Studies. 


Mrs. Veronica Zvinca M.Ed


Veronica V. Zvinca has lived in Kuwait for the past 17 years and is currently teaching English to learners enrolled in the secondary stage at the Ministry of Education of Kuwait. She collaborates frequently with institutes of higher education both private and governmental in Kuwait. As such, she has gained a rich experience in teaching English to Arab learners. Mrs. Veronica presented different academic papers to regional conferences and was an organizer of TESOL Kuwait Conferences for the past two years She holds a BA in English language and literature from the Open University and a Master of Education in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the University of Exeter, UK. Her current interests are focused on language learning strategies. She devotes her efforts in implementing and teaching language learning strategies to her learners. A passionate supporter of independent learning, her research focuses on teaching appropriate vocabulary learning strategies to EFL learners as she believes that these will provide a strong and durable foundation for language learning and development. 

Email: pastpresident@tesolkuwait.net

Dr. Marine Milad


Dr. Marine Milad has PhD in TEFL, Curriculum and Instructions from Cairo University with the grade of distinction. She also attained a Master Level Course in ESL/EFL Assessment Techniques from Indiana University, Bloomington, U.S.A. Currently, she is an assistant professor at Arab Open University (AOU), Kuwait Branch. She is the General Course Chair for three courses: Reading Comprehension, the Academic Writing and Composition and Methods of Teaching English language across eight AOU branches. She has worked in both the governmental and private sectors as well as NGOs in such reputable entities In the MENA reign like Arab Open University, Egypt Branch & Kuwait Branch (accredited by Open University, OU, UK), Ain Shams University, Center for Developing English Language Teaching (CDELT), Mansoura University, Sinai University, Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST), and Education Reform Program (ERP), a USAID program and Human Network International, Dubai, UAE. Through her teaching/training sessions, she has facilitated the professional development and career advancement of teachers, managers and employees of some reputable organizations. She has delivered several academic and technical presentations in local and international conferences in the field of Language Learning, E-Learning, Blended Learning, Multiple Intelligences and Brain Color, Constructivism, Learning by Doing, educational reform and soft skills. Her sessions are students-centered that consider different brain colors, learning styles and multiple intelligences through employing authentic real life situations and activities. Dr. Marine has been elected as the president of TESOL Kuwait 2020/2022 affiliated by TESOL International.

 Email: president@tesolkuwait.net

Mrs. Ann Newman 


She is an instructor in Gulf University for Science and Technology’s English Department.  She previously taught writing at the University of North Dakota, Armstrong Atlantic State College, Oklahoma State University, and Murray State College in the U.S. At Savannah State College, Newman taught introduction to literature and writing. She taught EFL courses in the Department of English at Kwangju University in South Korea, where she helped establish the Foreign Language Center. She was the head of the Faculty of Medicine’s English Language Unit at Kuwait University. She served as associate dean for Academic Affairs Oman Medical College. In 2007, she joined GUST as head of the English Language Unit. In 2009, she transferred to the English Department, where she teaches Freshman Composition I and Freshman Composition II. She has also been an EFL curriculum consultant for Missouri University of Science and Technology.


 Email: presidentelect@tesolkuwait.com

Mr. Yousef Al Outaibi


He is an English Language Lecturer in the Department of English at Kuwait College of Science and Technology (KCST). Yousef is no stranger to the world of TESOL; between 2011 – 2015, he worked as an Office Assistant, ESL Tutor, and ESL Specialist at the University of Texas at San Antonio where he earned his MA in TESL. Prior to joining KCST in the Fall of 2019, he taught English at another university in Kuwait for three years. Outside of work and teaching, Yousef enjoys working out, watching movies, reading, travelling, and trying new foods.

Email: secretary@tesolkuwait.net

Mr. Omar Al- Khudari


Head of English and Media Special Interest Group

Mr. Omar Al-Khudhari is a Head of English teaching department in the Ministry of Education. He is a Master of Linguistics postgraduate, a certified international Quality educational expert and a certified international trainer by The Manchester College and Kuwait University. He worked as an Educational TV presenter and a World Bank exam editor. He worked as a linguistic consultant and an educational course compiler for KFAS. He worked as an interpreter for the Kuwait National Guards and the MPRI. He is currently a TESOL SIG Team Leader and a Social Media educator and influencer.

 Email: prchair@tesolkuwait.net


Dr. Reem M. Al Qenai


Head of The Languages Department at Kuwait College of Science and Technology

She graduated with merit in both her MA and PhD in Applied Linguistics from Al Mansoura University, Egypt, where her research focused on the social and educational aspects of teaching grammar within the classroom. As a CELTA certified educator, Al Qenai possesses over 13 years of teaching experience. Reem has taught numerous Literature, ESP and Foundation courses within the College of Science, College of Arts & The College of Women at Kuwait University, Kuwait International Law School and Kuwait College of Science and Technology. Al Qenai has been a team leader for exam writing, a unit testing representative as well as a department accreditation officer while working with CEA (Commission on English Language Program Accreditation). Due to her passion in both teaching and learning, Reem has organized outstanding teacher trainings and webinars with Cambridge University Press to aid faculty members within her department and also take part in presenting within the sessions. She also volunteers to teach students who need additional help with the IELTS and TOEFL iBT exam at the Community Service Language Center and continues to volunteer with numerous community organizations like Kuwait Group for Peritoneal Surface Malignancy and a translator for Markaz 21 (A Special Needs Organization). As an active presenter and participant in TESOL Kuwait, AlQenai applies her complete understanding of education and continues to grow in her career.

 Email: conferencechair@tesolkuwait.net


Miss. Mai Mahmoud


English Teacher

She worked as a translator, secretary & public relation in a petrochemical company and is currently teaching English to learners enrolled in the secondary stage at the Ministry of Education of Kuwait. She is a British Council IELTS Ambassador ( 2019).

Ms. Mai is an active member of TESOL Kuwait; started as a Social Media Chair and currently she is the Membership Chair. She presented " Writing Process Project " in TESOL Kuwait 5th. Conference 2018. She has attended and presented at many Professional Development events and workshops in many fields.

 Email: membershipchair@tesolkuwait.net



 Name Position Email Address
 Dr. Hussain AL-Sharoufi  Past President  pastpresident@tesolkuwait.net
 Mrs. Veronica Zvinca  Past President  pastpresident@tesolkuwait.net
 Dr. Marine Milad  President  president@tesolkuwait.net
 Mrs. Ann Newman  President Elect  presidentelect@tesolkuwait.net
 Miss. Najeeba Marafi  Treasurer  treasurer@tesolkuwait.net
 Mr. Yousef Al Outaibi  Secretary  secretary@tesolkuwait.net
Dr. Reem M. Al QenaiConference Chairconferencechair@tesolkuwait.net
 Mr. Omar AlKhudari  PR and Sponsorship Chair  prchair@tesolkuwait.net
 Miss. Mai Salem  Membership Chair  membershipchair@tesolkuwait.net
 Mrs. Fatma Fayez  Volunteers Chair  volunteerschair@tesolkuwait.net
 Mr. Hashem Adnan  English for Special Purposes SIG  espenglish@tesolkuwait.net
 Mrs. Abir Aly  Methodologies for Teaching English SIG  teachingmethodologies@tesolkuwait.net
 Mr. Charles McKinney  Blog Moderator/ PR Officer  blogmoderator@tesolkuwait.net
 Mrs. Mona Mohammed  Webmaster/ PR Officer  webmaster@tesolkuwait.net
 Mr. Alfred Ishred  International English SIG  internationalenglish@tesolkuwait.net
 Mr. Omar Al Khudari  English for Social Media SIG


 Mrs. Ann Newman  Membership Chair  membershipchair@tesolkuwait.net
 Mrs. Mary Sebastian

 Once Upon a time- The Power of Storytelling in Teaching

Young Learners SIG

Mrs. Selma Al-Qasri  Teaching Young Learners SIG  younglearners@tesolkuwait.net


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