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Conference 2021

Past Events: TESOL 2020 Conference

Gulf University of Science and Technology, Mishref


TESOL Kuwait is a non-profit organization of teachers to speakers of other languages affiliated with the US based TESOL International (46,000 members worldwide). We seek to improve the teaching and learning of English and content subjects to non-native speakers of English. TESOL Kuwait is the only affiliate of TESOL INTERNATIONAL in Kuwait ( Affiliate Directory ). Our common mission is to advance professional expertise in English language teaching and learning for speakers of other languages in Kuwait. Numerous teachers from Kuwait and the Gulf region are attending our events from government and private elementary, middle and high schools as well as private schools, local universities and related organizations, such as language schools and other training establishments.TESOL Kuwait looks forward to welcoming you. TESOL Kuwait a membership based community and it is run entirely by volunteers. If you wish to volunteer with TESOL Kuwait please email:

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