Sample Proposal

SAMPLE PROPOSAL: Research-oriented Presentation

TITLE: English Education Reform in Arab World

Abstract (50 words maximum): Learning English always poses a challenge to learners. This paper aims at systematically discussing problems faced by Arab learners and suggests positive approaches like differentiating syntactic and semantic differences between the two languages, contextual and blended learning to motivate Arab learners overcome difficulties faced by them in English language learning.

Session Description (300 word maximum): English language learners in the Arab world are different and unique and need to be addressed in a special way. With the increased necessity of learning English worldwide, Arab learners are becoming aware, more than ever before, of their own need for acquiring proficiency in the language. English is the language of global communication and interaction as also the base language for learning major streams and acquiring the higher education for the majority of the learners worldwide.

Arab learners face problems unique to their background while learning the language. Negative transfer from language one can hinder their learning and seriously affect the development of their productive and receptive skills. During this study, some positive approaches were tested to minimize the effect of mother tongue interference on learning of English like guided step by step approach of the teacher to show the syntactic and semantic differences between the two languages. Contextual learning along with blended learning was applied to create the mood for young hi-tech learners, paving the way for the much-needed motivation for learning. Findings of the study revealed noticeable change in the performance of her subjects in adopting these approaches.

Through this paper the presenter has investigated problems typical and distinct to Arab learners while trying to suggest remedies for the same in order to develop a theory based on studies and self-experiences. The conclusions and findings in the research are supported and supplemented with information based on many pilot studies that have been conducted in this field. The presenter has supported her arguments based on real classroom experiences and findings in this research project. The presentation concludes with recommendations for further research in the suggested topic.

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