Guidelines for Evillage Proposal Submission

Here are some writing tips and guidelines for drafting your EV proposal for each section. They have been designed to guide you through the proposal submission process. Kindly keep these guidelines in mind while drafting and submitting your proposal.

EV Title Guidelines

  • Must not exceed 10 words. (Note: Each part of a slashed or hyphenated word counts as one word.)
  • Choose a title to reflect what the topic is about.

EV Abstract Guidelines

  • The word count for the abstract description must not be less than 100 or exceed 150 words.
  • Describe the tool and the procedure to be followed.
  • Identify the objectives and outcomes of the session. 
  • Clarify the practical and/or theoretical benefits the audience will take away with them.
  • Session plan indicates it can be completed within the specified time frame.

EV Summary Guidelines

  • The word count for the summary description must not be less than 30 words or exceed 50 words.
  • Clarifies the type of tool to be used.
  • Should describe the content of the session and what the attendees will gain by attending.
  • Content should be clear, concise and precise.

EV Biography Guidelines

  • Needs to be written in Third person (he, she)
  • Should include: 
    • professional designation 
    • current position
    • career highlights and 
    • education
EV General Proposal Guidelines
  • Write the proposal contents with audience in mind.  Event attendees will look at your title and summary in the EV program to decide whether to attend your session.
  • Do not include names of presenters, institutions, or publications/published works in either the abstract or summary.
  • Be well written in terms of organization, style, and grammar.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes by using the spell check.
  • Adhere to the word count.
  • Follow standard capitalization rules:
    • The first letter of verbs, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and pronouns must be capitalized.
    • Lower case must be used for conjunctions, articles, and prepositions of fewer than four letters.
    • Mailed, emailed, or faxed proposals will not be accepted or acknowledged
EV Evaluation of Proposals
  • All submissions will be blind reviewed by experienced reviewers in the field of educational technology.
  • Reasons for rejection of proposals:
    • Was not submitted on the deadline date and time.
    • Was not submitted via the online submission system.
    • Not relevant to the EV Event theme.
    • Not relevant to the EV presentation and/ or sub-themes types.
    • Incomplete submissions.
    • No adherence to word account as requested.
    • English language writing and grammar errors.
    • Did not adhere to the proposal guidelines.
  • All candidates will receive an email confirming the outcome of their proposal.

Sample of an EV Proposal Abstract

New technologies allow students to become more involved in their learning and gain more insight about the language that is being taught (Saqlain, 2012). Engaging ESL students outside the classroom allows them to practice English-language skills and self-reflect on one’s language progress. The session will demonstrate how web-based tools like Wiggio can provide activities that are meaningful, interactive and allow students to work online whether individually or in groups. Illustration will be on how to create classrooms and add students, upload and organize class materials, add additional content (photos, links, voice etc) and assign individual or group projects. Furthermore, the demonstration will address how through Wiggio, instructors can keep track of their students’ language progress and provide ongoing feedback. At the end of the session the audience will be able to determine how to best utilize Wiggio to suit their students’ needs.

Sample of an EV Proposal Summary

‘Wiggio’ allow students to access information efficiently, exchange knowledge and work together in and out of the classroom. Audience will learn how to best utilize class creation, individual and group work, material content and follow up features to provide an online collaborative environment for their students.

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