Non Native English Speaker in TESOL (NNEST)

The Non-native English Speakers in TESOL (NNEST) aims at focusing on interaction of non-native professionals who share common interests and issues concerning their non-native background. It creates a venue for identifying and addressing non-native English speaking teachers’ issues and facilitating communication and networking both among interest group members and those of TESOL Kuwait at large. The NNEST SIG has been established and chaired by Rana Khan, an English Language Instructor at Kuwait University and active TESOLer. To accomplish these goals NNEST members shall:

- Create a non-discriminatory professional environment for all TESOL members regardless of their native language, race and place of birth

- Enhance, and empower the professional growth of its members

- Stimulate scholarship, research, and professional development by sponsoring special projects, and publications in all media

- To promote, advance and develop academic and professional awareness of NNEST professionals in the field

Membership of NNEST SIG is open to all.

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