We would like to announce our vacancies for board elections in 2021. They are as follows:

Conference Chair 2022 ( 1 Year)

* Secretary ( 2 Years)

The applicants should fulfill the following conditions:

- be a member of TESOL Kuwait for the past 2 years

- basic knowledge of computer and internet use

- willingness to do voluntary work 

- good communication, interpersonal and leadership skills

- ability to be part of a team

The main duties expected from each candidate are:

Conference Chair - will organize the 2022 Conference and will coordinate other events during the coming period

Secretary - will record meeting minutes and will have other duties as well

Members who are interested can send their CV and a cover letter to president@tesolkuwait.net and Presidentelect@tesolkuwait.net. The elections ballots will be sent to the membership via email and the results will be announced during the conference. For more information about duties for each position in the board please see our Bylaws on our website.

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