We would like to announce our vacancies for board elections in 2020. They are as follows:

Conference Chair 2021 ( 1 Year)

* Volunteers Chair ( 2 Years)

* Public Relations and Sponsorship Chair ( 2 years)

The applicants should fulfill the following conditions:

- be a member of TESOL Kuwait for the past 2 years

- basic knowledge of computer and internet use

- willingness to do voluntary work 

- good communication, interpersonal and leadership skills

- ability to be part of a team

The main duties expected from each candidate are:

Conference Chair - will organize the 2021 Conference and will coordinate other events during the coming period

Volunteers Chair - will coordinate the team of volunteers for different events 

Public Relation and Sponsorship Chair - will liaise with different individuals and organizations to promote TESOL Kuwait and its interests. Will prepare a list of sponsors for the main events of TESOL Kuwait 

Members who are interested can send their CV and a cover letter to president@tesolkuwait.net and Presidentelect@tesolkuwait.net. The elections will take place during the conference 2020 which will be at GUST on the 6th and 7th of February.

Results of the Elections:

Conference Chair: Hanin Mahdoon

Volunteers Chair: Ms. Fatma Fayez

Public Relation and Sponsorship Chair: Mr. Omar Al Khudari

President Elect: Dr. Marine Milad

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