Conference Programme

 Friday, February 5, 2021

 Pre-recorded sessions:

 President's Message

 Conference Team's Message

  3:00- 3:15 pm

 Conference Introduction Ceremony

 Moderator: Charles McKinney

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  3:15 -4:15 pm

  Plenary 1

  Dr. Christine Sabieh

 “We Want Magic” - Keynote Speech

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  4:20- 4:40 pm

  Plenary 2

   Prof. Michael McCarthy

  “Listening and speaking: two sides of the same coin?”

  Questions/Answers Session for the recorded Keynote Speech

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   4:50–5:20 pm

   Parallel Sessions

  Session 1: Dr. Huda Shaban

  ADHD Coaching- The “DECISION” Integrative Coaching Model

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  Session 2: Fajer Bin Rashed (Presentation)

  Reconsidering the Role of L1 in Teaching and Assessing L2

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  Session 3: Abebe Tilahun Mogesse (Presentation)

  “The Academic English Language Needs of MSc students” 

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  5:30- 6:30 pm

  Plenary 3

 Mr. Peter Lucantoni - Cambridge Education (Workshop)

 “Helping Students Become Great Collaborators”

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  6: 40 – 7:10 pm

  Parallel sessions

 Session 4: Muhammad Akram (Presentation)

 “Exploring EFL Teachers' Ken of Professional Identity and Their Self-Efficacy”

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 Session 5: Ibrahim Karim (Presentation)

 “Using Digital Games in Foreign Language Classrooms:   Pedagogical Applications and Potentials”

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 Session 6: Huda Abuaisha (Presentation) 

 “Teaching Grammar in Context”

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 7:20 – 7:50 pm

 Parallel sessions

 Session 7: Ruba Najia (Presentation)

 “Strategies for teaching English language learners in the online classroom”

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 Session 8: Richard Harrison (Presentation)

 “Introducing Critical Thinking into a Language Programme”

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 Session 9: Eman Al Bloushi (Presentation)

 “Synchronous ESL Programs to Support Young Learners During Covid-19”

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 8:00- 8:30pm

 Parallel sessions

 Session 10: Mary Sebastian

 “The 3 C’s: Compliments, competitions and Celebrations.”

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 Session 11: Huda Hussein (Presentation)

  “Do You Understand?”

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 Session 12: Muhammad Akram, Answer Mahmood, and Mahreen Tariq (Presentation)

 “Better Serve than Sorry: Language Teaching for Multiple Futures”

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