Arthur Carmazzi

Arthur Francisco Carmazzi  is an Italian-American writer / speaker living in Asia and expert on Psychological applications to Leadership and Organisational Culture Enhancement and Development. He is mostly known for his contribution as the founder of the Directive Communication Methodology. The 6 Dimensions of Top Achievers, a joint project with his friend David Rogers, was published in 2000, and became a bestseller in Singapore and then Malaysia. The book researched 50 different self-made millionaires from around the world and presented their strategies from a replicatable psychological perspective. Arthur Carmazzi is greatly influenced by Ken Blanchard, and incorporates simplicity, story and adds a little fun into his books. In his more recent books, Carmazzi took lessons from his own life and failures and his take on the decision making process in relation to environment. In the December 2002 “Identity Intelligence” was published and ranked 32 in sales on the first day of release, only to be taken off the shelves by the threat of a lawsuit for improper structure in referencing of his research. When the matter was solved in Carmazzi’s favor 4 years later, the publishers no longer accepted the title for distribution. The book only sold about 12,200 copies at Carmazzi’s talks and website by 2006. Carmazzi now focuses on Leadership and Organisational Development and developing other Directive Communication certified trainers and consultants. There over 300 Directive Communication Certified Trainers in 16 different countries. He continues to write and speak about his applications of the Directive Communication methodology. His Asia headquarters is base in Bali Indonesia.

Dr. Sean Conley

Dr. Conley is a senior fellow at the Institute for Collaborative Learning and associate faculty at the SIT Graduate Institute. He has chaired MA TESOL programs at The School for International Training and The New School. He was the Chief Learning Officer at Marlboro College and Graduate School where he led an MBA in Sustainability program that was ranked in the top five by Conscious Company  magazine and founded The Center for New Leadership, a center focused on improving leadership in the nonprofit sector. At Tokyo Jogakkan College he directed an English-medium degree program focused on international leadership development. He has consulted with the Open Society Institute, the U.S. State Department and ministries of education in Algeria, the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica and been an invited speaker to Google’s think tank on education summit where he presented research on inquiry-based feedback. He has helped nonprofit organizations address challenges and change by building their capacity for collaborative organizational learning at all levels of the organization. His career has focused on the fields of TESOL, education, teacher professional development, and organizational learning.

Christopher Graham - Academic Director at Garnet Education

Christopher Graham is the Academic Director and Training at Garnet Education. He has worked in over 30 countries on ELT projects including:

• managing the ELT curriculum renewal project - Ministry of Education, Oman,

• British Council Iraq, Train-the-Trainer programmes for secondary teachers,

• developing Train-the-Trainer courses for Libyan EFL teachers,

• delivering methodology update workshops - Arab Open University, Sudan,

• delivering CPD workshops for school inspectors - British Council, Algeria.

He will publish two books in 2020: 21 Century Skills in ELT – A Guide for Teachers – Garnet Education, contributing editor Train the Trainer – a resource book for ELT professionals - Garnet Education, author.  

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