TESOL Kuwait Conference February 2022

You can submit your proposal from 18 July 2021 until 5 December 2021

Theme: The Hybrid Transition: Emotional, Social & Educational Impacts on Language Learning

Themes and Sub-themes

1. Linguistics:

- Methodologies of teaching English
- Challenges in teaching grammar
- Syntax
- Semantics  
- Theories vs practice in phonics
- English language teaching and acquisition
- Other

2. Literature:

- How reading improves language learning
- Why incorporating literature is beneficial in language learning 
- Advantages in deriving language from literature
- Literature in EFL/ESL classrooms
- What is literature
- How to choose appropriate levels of literature to incorporate within a syllabus
- Examining values and attitudes in literary texts
- Other

    3. Culture:

    - Culture, communication, and identity in English Literature
    - Promote effective change in the English classroom 
    - Teachers’ stress management
    - Construction of learner identities via ESL/EFL popular culture
    - How to use popular culture in school teaching contexts 
    - Critical content and cultural knowledge for TESOL teachers
    - Cultural change and its affects on education
    - Language Acquisition Through Intercultural Learning
    - Other

      4. Educational:

      - Online and e-learning materials
      - Teaching skills using online and e-learning applications
      - Teaching creativity in a standard-based classroom
      - Development of classroom materials
      - Using technology as a tool for teaching reading & composition skills 
      - Grammar games for better language instructions
      - Multi-language learning and life-long language learning
      - Cognitive process and critical thinking
      - Grammar and its focusing skills
      - Hybrid Learning Approach
      - Blended Learning Approach
      - Other

        5. Social:

        - Teachers’ challenges in teaching through the pandemic
        - Developing resilient learners in for creative and innovative behavior 
        - Teachers’ stress management
        - Special education and language difficulties
        - Leadership, counseling, and management in the language classroom
        - SEL (Social and Emotional Learning)
        - Other

          6. Practical:

          - Child guidance and classroom management 
          - Highly gifted students
          - Teaching grammar in classroom
          - How to move from reading to writing 
          - Effective ways to teach academic writing (different levels)
          - Research and teaching English literature 
          - English writing skills
          - Challenges in teaching academic writing 
          - Teaching language in the virtual platforms
          - Using technology as a tool for teaching reading
          - How to develop English literacy from early stages
          - Flipped-learning within a classroom
          - Digital learning
          - Other

          7. Theory:
          - English Language education methods, material, and principles
          - English for Specific purposes
          - Education policies, resources, and leadership
          - Methodologies of teaching English
          - Promote effective change in the English classroom
          - Teacher's challenges within the language classroom
          - Other

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