TESOL Kuwait Conference February 2021

Theme: Aspiration, Innovation, and Challenges in the Modern Language Classroom


1. English Language education methods, materials, and principles

2. English for Specific purposes

3. Culture, communication, and identity in English literature.

4. Research and teaching of English literature

5. Child guidance and classroom management 

6. Highly gifted students, how to find them and teach them?

7. Teaching grammar in classroom

8. Education policies, resources, and leadership

9. How to move from reading to writing. 

10. Linguistics and English literature 

11. Effective ways to teach academic writing k-12

12. Effective ways to teach academic writing at university level

13. English writing skills 

14. Methodologies of teaching English

15. Promote effective change in the English classroom.

16. Teachers' challenges within the language classroom

17. Challenges in teaching grammar 

18.Challenges in teaching academic writing.

19.Teaching language in the virtual platforms

20 Teachers' challenges in teaching through the pandemic 

21 Online and e-learning materials 

22. Teaching skills using online and e-learning applications

23. Teaching creativity in a standard-based classroom

24. Developing resilient learners in for creative and innovative behavior

25. Power of mindfulness in the classroom and in your life

26. Teachers' stress management 

27. Syntax and semantics

28. Development of classroom materials

29.Using technology as a tool for teaching reading

30. How to develop English literacy from early stages

31. Theories vs practice in phonics

32. Grammar games for better language instructions

33. Multi- language learning and life-long language learning 

34. Cognitive process and critical thinking 

35.Special education and learning difficulties 

36.English language teaching and acquisition

37. Teaching language for younger students

38. Teacher's challenges in the class behavior management  

39. Grammar and its focusing skills

40. Leadership, counseling, and management in the language classroom. 

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