TESOL Kuwait Annual Conference 

14th, 15th and 16th February 2019

Vision 2035: 
Together Towards Tomorrow Teaching and Learning Languages: Innovation and Creativity

Conference Themes

Assessing teaching and learning for sustainable development

Developing learning activities/tasks/strategies for character education

Differentiated instructions / Differentiated Learning

Globalization and Language Teaching

Competency Based Curriculum

Creative / Critical Thinking

Co-operation & Collaboration

Accepting Change

Continuous Professional Development ( CPD )

Assessing Teachers’ needs and evaluating CPD initiatives

Leadership Skills /Leadership, Management and Teacher Development

Teaching EFL Writing in the 21st Century Arab World: Realities and Challenges

Young Learners and Teenagers (YLT)

Adult Education

Testing, Evaluation and Assessment (TEA)

Second Language Acquisition (SLA)

Project-based Learning

Learner autonomy and practitioner research

Teaching & Learning language skills / sub-skills

Action Researches (classroom-based research and research-based teaching)

Technology (All technology-related information, submission guidelines and proposal form can ONLY be through the Evillage Section)

Helpful Links

The TESOL Kuwait Conference Proposals Committee has prepared a list to help you write your proposal

Technology-related Call for Proposals are only through the Electronic Village section

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